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C-Urge Training Program

The main objective of the C-Urge training program is to train 10 DCs (doctoral candidates) to become a cohort of junior experts both as academics and/or within a policy-oriented setting, and who will be able to contribute to the struggle against the disruptive effects of climate change, strengthening Europe’s leadership position in responding to the climate emergency. This translates into 4 training pillars: (1) transdisciplinary training in climate science methods, (2) gathering knowledge through long-term fieldwork, (3) non-academic training and application of climate science through hands-on experience during secondments, and (4) developing skills on the co-construction and dissemination of climate science. In line with these 4 pillars, C-Urge has and will host network-wide training events, in collaboration with external partners, that are tailored towards the consortium's research interests and aims. You can find more information about our C-Urge training courses and events below.

Thus far, C-Urge Training has included our Kick-Off Event, an Online Ethnography Training Cycle, an Anthropology of the Anthropocene Course, an Ethnography Film Making Workshop, and a Living Otherwise: Environment Beyond the Climate Techno-Fix Course.

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