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About C-Urge

The overarching objective of this Doctoral Network is to respond to a growing urgency expressed by European research councils and funding agencies, as well as by governments, publics and students, that the social sciences should contribute to our understanding of and engagement with climate change. We propose that the need for urgent action demands that social science attends to the notion of 'urgency' itself. We will train doctoral candidates in understanding different perceptions on environmental and climatological urgency, their temporalities, and the political and environmental implications these understandings may have.

Mobilizing ‘urgent’ climate actions demands innovative climate science. Our main objective is therefore to pioneer a social science that attends to the notion of ‘urgency’ itself, hence shedding light on people’s sense of the entanglements of time, environmental change, and human risk, and their impact on people’s climate change awareness. To that extent, C-Urge will generate new critical knowledge about global climate urgency that is academic, practical and policy-oriented with combined insights from the fields of anthropology, human and economic geography, media studies, literature studies, digital humanities, international relations, environmental sciences (human geography, hydrology), STS (science, technology & society), and political sciences.

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