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Living Otherwise: Environment Beyond the Climate Techno-Fix

Prof. Mara Benadusi is thrilled to announce a forthcoming cycle of seminars titled “Living Otherwise: Environment Beyond the Climate Techno-Fix”. Organized by the PhD School of the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania, within the framework of the Marie Curie Doctoral Network CURGE on the “Anthropology of Global Climate Urgency”, this seminar series will try to unpack the climate techno -fix from a transdisciplinary perspective by linking social and environmental anthropology to economic-political geography.
Providing a deeper understanding of the ways in which humans relate to the material world, to land, water, soil, the biosphere, and to a pluriverse of other beings, the seminars shed light on the root causes of climate change and expand our imagination of how to live otherwise, envisioning future possibilities. Particular emphasis will be given to the interpretations and hybrid practices through which human and non-human collectives make sense of accelerated changes in climate and their lived environment.

The seminars will be held in presence, but for C-URGE DCs and researchers outside Italy, online participation will be possible as well. For more information, please contact

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